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Be sure you marketing and advertising organization is really a enterprise specialized in the actual popularity in addition to add-on of those marketing expert services in several promotion motion. Currently over and over again escalating specialised way of life, you have to put it off together the other person from the progress in the electronic digital more cost-effective in order to capably plus very well purpose a company. By way of pressure the particular know-how of your electric marketing bureau, you can create sure ones buy and sell is actually for the side with completely new know-how, but small percentage with the a digital revolt. Within putting, an electronic digital promoting company can help your current business for making radiant manufacturer awareness excited in order to accomplishment and also percentage your own clientele.

Inside get that can assist you suitable specific advantage with the key benefits of a digital press, be sure you advertising inclusion will serve to supply anyone tuck piling up deserving end user in order to shoppers whom opt for to help get a hold of a person's electronic digital models. By means of studying that pile-up, are just looking for promoting firm might meliorate navigate your livelihood in the schedule that should author proficiently turn up your current people. This particular pile-up can easily motive deployment solon precise and also linked communications to the shoppers thusly powerful phone calls in order to litigate that ought to task to enhance your entire advertising and marketing campaigns.

Appear as well as documenting podcasts sensitive additional coming to a decision regarding outgo regarding a digital advertising permitting with your marketing strategies advertisments. An electronic marketing rendering may career using your small business to generate menstruation you should connected with element for instance penalization, video tutorials, particular features and also generation visuals amid other possibilities, throughout ailment to generate and also enhance the actual connecting and also do the job of one's model. An adequately designed podcast also can element your current logs in iTunes, the sta particularly effective as well as great relates to penalization that will helpfulness people development brand-new connections plus meliorate present interactions concerning people. Around improve so that you can podcasts, usance internet media channels people usually are a further electronic digital signaling that could reply to income a person's style by using enjoy personality.

Be sure you marketing and advertising company can certainly assist in a person list out this properly a new melodious selection this imply your current wide variety and also attract as well as resound with all your customers. commit in the a digital promoting bureau occurs a person the opportunity to bench craft company always be tiny fraction from the electronic digital rebellion while okay for the reason that probability to attend at the front end location associated with expertise without continuously perturbing pertaining to upkeep difficulties.

Oracle Marketing is probably the primarily promoting organizations in great britain. This company comes after strong advertising as they quite simply recognize it does not take merely course of action that is certainly measurable plus scalable.

Oracles Marketing appreciates which in order to attract prospects primary marketing and advertising is the greatest solution while it guarantees utmost return. The idea provides you with the flexibleness to make contact with ones consumers along with consumers and also showcase item inside confined spending plan. The corporation requires a supplementary considered to program their particular tactics and also make guide moment as well as going to motivate solutions out there.

Oracle Advertising's good results relies upon the particular databases they've got along with the way they preserve their particular hard work continual simply by routinely bringing up-to-date these individuals in regards to the completely new services and products. The corporation targets on moment in addition to leaves within great deal of techniques so that you can gather ideal effects. This company feels the good solution plus mail messages will need to obtain the location sold in the market, and it's also simply doable when you've got the very best regarding methods and also about to motivate all of them throughout sector. Oracle is doing the following pretty much everything ages and also recovering reply.

Clover Promoting possesses inside a limited extend to come about for the reason that primary authorities within the primary advertising and marketing industry which has a clientele that will retains escalating daily. This company is incredibly intelligent along at the work associated with raising manufacturer consciousness and also supplying its shoppers quantifiable success therefore preserving these constantly fulfilled. As being a firm that will often meets the actual objectives of the customers, Clover Advertising and marketing ideals your giggle on the prospects confronts very much above all else plus thus offers aided and then obtain wealthy benefits.

Clover Promoting possesses constantly caused the appreciation along with strength this also to the excellent magnitude includes retained the organization forward movement. Preserving customer satisfaction pertaining to clientele towards the largest degree, the organization offers was able to develop to get themselves a brandname title plus a well-known location while in the strong promotion area this few bench craft companybusinesses within their group possess acquired.

It's not at all simply customers that adore the corporation because of its determination as well as customer satisfaction in direction of these. The corporation is actually beloved by means of their private employees for your unlimited prospects pertaining to development the firm presents. Clover Marketing and advertising believes that throughout pushing keen staff members to get excellent altitudes along with with expanding coupled with these individuals. Workers, who seem to utilize the many opportunities, get the organization a sufficient spot for a sustenance the ambitions of an excellent job.

The business has got good markers - extending to help fresh locations, building break-through approaches plus getting the 400 pct expansion amount in barely around six months. Immediate promotion can be in the near future getting one of the desired settings associated with promotion plus as well as them; Clover Marketing has grown one of the desired strong advertising and marketing organization too. Along with professionalism and reliability, hard-work, tolerance plus eagerness getting your three train's wheels in which push the particular chariot on the enterprise along with the group, Clover Marketing beyond doubt features further to visit.

Designing posters, flyers, or any advertising type or promotional material will need more than simply combining pictures, colors and words to fit in, and getting the message across the public. Most importantly, it includes character, vision and creativity. All of us are gifted with such traits, although varying in nature for sure. There is no question that above all, it is consumer acceptance and gaining the market attention that will be the key to a successful marketing campaign.

The main emphasis for such promotional and advertising measures is to of course provide the needed push by products or services. Some companies would not lean towards advertising as a means of jacking up their sales and reaching their sales quota. Some would use prices, discounts, and corporate tie-ups, contests and so on to help give the exposure needed to make a product or service known. Either way, the important thing is that all efforts are done for the benefit of the finished good and for the company to study on the feasibility of continuing such product or simply killing it and moving on towards another category to market and sell.

The market is made up of different people, thus the need to be able to understand, research and study the overall impact such product or service can give to them. Class, gender, age group and bracket, all of these should be carefully studied prior to engaging in the different marketing approaches and tactics and get their various programs running and reaching the unknowing public. The response towards such tactics and strategies shall evidently be appreciated once the response on orders, product acceptance and endorsements has been made.

There are sectors that also use a certain psychology in their marketing strategies. Not to take anything away but these tactics do work. Instilling in the minds of people that a certain product or service may contain special ingredients and provide certain results once consumed or used is something that will surely gain the market attention. Further, getting some people to help in the endorsement of the product or service will also help in attracting the market attention needed to boost the performance, both in sales and market awareness, of the product as well. It should be noted, that a company will maximize all possibilities available, but all for sure on a given budget, since it is certain that companies will not spend all their assets on advertising alone, since they also have to consider the overall administration and operation of the company.

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Evaluating Granite and Marble Countertops: Which A single Need to You Choose?

Granite and marble are the two stones which means they're both durable, large, and incredibly difficult. Simultaneously, mainly because the two these stones can seriously final a lifetime, they can be both equally high priced and extremely tough to polish and install. Considering that they are both stones, they're obviously patterned, hence, you could possibly get granite or surface encounters marble that is not rather identical on the layout from your catalog that you simply ordered so it would be very best to really see the genuine solution when selecting the kind of layout and pattern that you just want as a substitute of relying only on pictures. The two are warmth resistant and so they usually do not scorch when placed even which has a quite sizzling materials these kinds of as iron pots and pans.

However, granite is way harder than marble and it is much more resistant to scratches and heavy impacts when compared with marble. Simultaneously, granite is much more defiant to acids this sort of as vinegar, lemon juice, and tomato juice, as well as other products with high ranges of acidity. To assist you superior comprehend the strengths of both stones, permit us take a closer look as to how they ended up shaped. Marble, and all its stone family - onyx, travertine, and limestone at the onset were sediments built of shells, plant issue, animal skeletons, and silt which all settled on the bottom of bodies of water and following many years of being soaked in water, they solidify and turn into stones/ Marble’s key element is calcium and that is the motive why it has a tendency to react to acids this sort of as vinegar along with other drinks that have citrus. Granite, alternatively, is made up of crystallized minerals formed in the earth’s mantle at large temperature. The result is really a hard, extremely resistant stone. Marble can be scratched and etched by acids since it is produced of calcium carbonate and that is very much like chalk however the only distinction is surface encounters marble is compressed and in a very crystallized kind. While in the same way, marble has less designs, actually it is more generally marketed in its white shade so stains and mars could stand out more exposed in marble. Granite features a more complicated pattern that could conceal the stains far better. Concerning styles however, marble features a finer, additional classy glimpse than granite. The crystal formations in marble are additional satiny and finer in nature rendering it glimpse more deluxe. Granite has bigger, pea-sized crystals which might be coarser to your eye.

In the long run, in terms of longevity, the granite countertop could well be additional durable and even more resistant to stains and scratches although the appears are won by marble. Marble even so is more affordable than granite nonetheless it requires bigger maintenance. So, it all boils right down to that which you genuinely want as being a countertop. Would you settle for your countertop that is certainly particularly hard-wearing and however not as rather as being the other one particular, or would you trade elegance for sturdiness and power?

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Background Examine Sources Easy And Cost Efficient

Finding the right individuals to function for you personally has in no way been an straightforward career. Everyone is outstanding at some thing but you need to figure out if they are most likely to become fantastic at doing what you'll need them to do. Not simply that, you need to also make particular that they're going to fit in along with your organization and existing employees. That is why getting good employment track record methods is essential when you are hiring new employees.

I am certain your quest for online background check free on-line has arrive to an finish while you read this post. Sure, gone are those days once we need to research endlessly for track record free on-line info or other this kind of info like track record free online,criminal background track record ,national criminal track record checks and even possible worker track record Even with out content articles for instance this, utilizing the Web all you have got to complete is log on and use any of the search engines like google to discover the background examine totally free online info you need.

Use the forums-don't be frightened to join in on discussion board discussions with other website members. Ask concerns, reveal guidance and assemble your professional network com.Be an outstanding listener-demonstrate a genuine interest in what the interviewer needs to say. Try to not interrupt by interjecting a comment while an individual else is talking (even when you are frightened you might forget the point you would like to create).

The very best method to retain workers at your manufacturing plant.How you are able to keep employees at your manufacturing plant When it comes to hiring employees there are many suggestions and methods which you are able to adhere to to ideally employ probably the most effective employees which you can locate.

Motion Backgrounds by tastedigitalmedia08

When you have the patience to go by means with the remainder of the write-up related to track record examine totally free online you will unquestionably understand one or two points that will prove really useful to you. Maintain right on reading and be correctly knowledgeable about check free online as well as other related track record free on-line,criminal history track record , national criminal checks or potential employee track record check info.

In case you're searching for a reputable business, you need to bear in mind that these services will arrive at a cost. Usually, nevertheless, the charge is nominal. You'll find sites that declare to offer a free support, but generally these are very very best avoided.

Dealing using the Colorado Springs criminal legislation just isn't an normal factor and is also as a result very best left to trained attorneys. The skilled Colorado criminal defen.If an worker has endured an damage at his workplace then he has the proper to declare for compensation. The insurance coverage companies nonetheless make an work to stall the identical.

It may curiosity you to comprehend that plenty of folks searching for records search free on-line also got information concerning other background check totally free online,criminal background track record checks, national criminal checks, also as possible worker background examine here easily.

What can go incorrect will go incorrect, at the worst second. They may be because of human errors or oversight, incomplete or out-dated details, mistaken identification or identity theft and so forth. Whatever the situation is, we would not be oblivious towards the hurt or victimization and could be well-prepared to face as much as problems if needed. And if we do flip up some thing unfavorable but correct from the self-check, we get a opportunity to fix it forward.

Time to Repair A Low Credit rating Having a Bad Credit Loan

Obtaining your free credit score online will provide you having a extremely crucial piece of credit info. These scores assortment from anyplace among 300 and 900. The greater it is the better rates you are able to anticipate to get on loans. Your score will assist you to make sense of one's credit report, it offers a good image of how nicely you are handling your finances and also provides you insight into exactly what collectors and loan companies examine when determining whether or not you're certified for a cost card or mortgage.

This is exactly why we advise that everybody obtain their totally free credit score a minimal of 1 time per yr. Whenever you are about to apply for a charge card, it is a great plan to obtain a copy of your score and report, and look at it to create certain that all the information is correct. It's possible to obtain a copy of your report totally totally free of charge each and every yr from each 1 of the credit score bureaus.

Whilst the over concept is a totally acceptable means of tracking your credit standing you can also obtain a 3 in one report being an choice.

Philip Tirone’s blog to raise your credit score and have 720 credit score at http://www.7stepsto720.com/ by bbrij873

This type of report offers the information that seems in your report as compiled by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and provides you the big picture of what your credit score history actually appears like. Typically, a 3 in one credit history gives you a brief checklist of possibly tough info, which you are able to quickly and easily assess. It is additionally identified as a three Bureau Credit report.

Creditors, loan companies, and banks will report to a credit score bureau any time a consumer gets a mortgage, opens up a brand new credit card account, misses a payment on a monthly bill, or files for personal personal bankruptcy. However, they are not needed to report it to all three credit score bureaus. The result is the fact that the no cost credit report you receive from 1 credit score bureau could possibly be lacking some important details. That missing info can frequently have an excellent influence on your credit status. In the event you would like a truly clear view of how great or dreadful your credit history truly is, you need to look at investing inside a 3 in one credit history.

A detailed evaluation of your free credit score online and report will provide you having a great insight into your financial situation. Within the occasion you put inside your order for a complete credit score score from one of the three credit score bureaus, you are able to be eligible to obtain your credit score record from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax inside a joint file. These are heading to help you in easy evaluation of exactly where you stand and allow it to be feasible for you to note the versions in your three credit reviews. It is heading to assist you follow all loans and charge cards that are opened in your name and also you also are going to become inside a position to learn which companies contact the credit bureaus.

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Making Money Online With

The banks of America recently pitched enough of a hissy fit to effectively neuter swipe fee reform — after they raised rates, instituted fees and canceled rewards programs — claiming they'd be swiped into the poor house by the reduced fees. But not to worry, bankers are a clever folk and they always have a way to profit off your transactions. Like, for example, colleting information about your shopping habits.

According to CNN, Wells Fargo, Citi, Discover and others have begun gathering the information about your shopping habits — where you shop, what you but, how much you spend. Retailers contact the banks about the types of customers they want to target and the banks craft custom coupons which, if used, the bank sees a nice chunk of change from.

From CNN:

Say you use your Citi-issued debit card to buy a pair of shoes at Nordstrom, and then Citi sells that information to a series of retailers. As a result, you receive a coupon from Macy's for a 20% discount on shoes at its store. The coupon is delivered by Citi, however, not from Macy's.

To redeem the coupon, you must respond by text, e-mail or by checking off a box next to the offer on your online bank statement. Once you go into Macy's to buy the shoes, Citi will retroactively credit your account for the 20% discount. Some banks, however, only let you cash in your discounts via their online portals.

Retailers pay the banks somewhere between 10-15% of the purchase price when a coupon is used. The bank keeps about 25% of that fee with the rest going to a third-party service. So if you pay $1000, the bank could end up making upward of $37.50 from the retailer, on top of what they were paid for your original information.

Some banks have already started programs like this and in many cases the customer is automatically enrolled, though they are legally obliged to let you opt out.

And while some say the targeted discounts will increase customer loyalty with retailers and provide consumers with coupons they will actually use, experts warn against potential pitfalls, like fine print that excludes certain brands or adds restrictive conditions on getting the discount. If your bank applies the discount retroactively, you might not notice you didn't save any money until after you've made your purchase.

"There's a risk that you might not get what you're hoping to get — you're leaving the store and you don't know how much you were actually charged for something," the CEO of CardHub.com tells CNN. "Then if you don't see it on your credit card statement, what do you do? Call your bank? Call the intermediary company? Or call the merchant? If they start using fine print, the whole thing's just going to be a big mess."

As for privacy concerns, the companies that provide this service claim that retailers never see any identifying info about the bank customer, just a numeric code. Only the bank has the ability to match up that code with the customer's account. While this should inspire confidence, it means that your data is only as secure as your bank's account system.

While the idea of targeted discounts — assuming they actually meet your shopping needs — programs like this should be opt-in only. Wouldn't that be in the best interest of everyone? The customer signs up for a program; the retailer knows that the customer has opted in and thus interested in receiving the coupons; happy customer receives coupon, uses it and bank gets money.

Banks' billion-dollar idea: Sell your shopping data [CNN]

As someone who switches between the hats of freelancer and small business owner several times a day, I’m always on the lookout for software that will help me manage things like invoicing and expense management, financial reporting, project management and team discussion.

It’s not hard to find apps that excel at one of these things. What is hard is finding an affordable solution that allows me to manage all of these aspects of my business from one place, making it easier for myself and my team to get the busywork and administrative stuff out of the way and back to the work of creating content.

Paymo is an app that covers time-tracking, invoicing and project management for freelancers and small businesses. It’s challenging incumbents like Freshbooks, with an offering that is not only cheaper but — in many areas — stronger.

Paymo is a bootstrapped startup with an app built by a small team in Romania. Though they’re talented, their country of origin can make it hard to get any real traction in the West. Eastern Europe has started to create some great tech startups of late. Paymo.biz, which isn’t to be confused with Paymo.com, owned by American mobile payments company BOKU, is one of these.

Making you wait until the end of a review as long as this one to find out whether the app is worthwhile or not seems a bit unfair on the reader, so here’s the bottom line on Paymo: this week, I’m transitioning my freelance business and my small agency to run on Paymo, leaving a random collection of tools such as FreshBooks, project management apps and emails that belong in project managers behind. Paymo has everything I need to run freelance and small businesses, and I can see it scaling to medium size with relative ease.

The Dashboard

Paymo’s dashboard provides you with an overview of how time is being spent in your business when you log in for the day. It’s got charts that show the hours worked per day for the last week, as well as statistics and charts on how much business time was spent on work versus, well, nothing — it can tell you this because users set the work days and work hours of each week, making Paymo a good tool for ensuring that employees are spending their time wisely. With Paymo, time tracking is as useful for billing clients as it is for ensuring your team has been working.

Also on the dashboard is a Recent Activity summary, which shows you recent milestones and tasks that have been completed. You can get RSS or iCal feeds for recent activity.

Client Management

Paymo’s client manager is robust enough that most freelancers and smaller businesses won’t require a separate, dedicated CRM platform. When creating a new client, there are fields for a whole range of information for both the company, and your contact at the company, including an area to make notes in. Paymo lets you add a logo for the client for quick identification.

The Clients tab shows you an overview of all of your clients, including how many staff are allocated to them, the number of active projects they are on, and how many completed and archived projects you’ve done for that client.

The view for individual clients shows the contact information as well as all other details and notes for the company as well as the contact details of the individual you designated as the contact there.

You’ll also find financial statistics, such as how many unbilled hours you’ve done for the client, how much money is due from that client and a handy meter at the bottom that shows you how much of the time budget for each of that client’s projects has been used — you can set a number of hours per month per client project and the time you track or enter for the project will fill up the bar. This is a great feature if you have clients on retainer for a set number of hours to prevent you from going over.

There’s a chart for financial statistics, but it seems that I need to populate the system with more information before anything will appear there.

Project Management

The Projects overview is a simple view that lists each active project, their corresponding parent clients, and the used budget meter makes a reappearance. Clicking through to a single project, the first thing you’ll see is the overview tab, which contains data about the amount of time spent on tasks that fall under the project, recent activity, time worked, unbilled hours, and access to settings — such as the hourly rate on that project. From this view you can subscribe to a project specific RSS or iCal feed, and retire or delete the project.

On the Tasks tab, you’re able to set up a variety of task lists, which contain the actual tasks. Tasks can have a description, marked up with Textile, a due date, and related attachments. You can assign each task to a user, and determine whether that task is billable or not in case you include administrative tasks that you don’t normally bill for in project task lists.

You can save task lists as templates, which is fantastic if you work in a field where projects often look the same, at least to begin with. You can comment on tasks and discuss them with other users.

Milestones are an important part of all project management apps, and Paymo doesn’t disappoint. You can add milestones with a due date and a person responsible for ensuring progress towards that milestone, and associate it with a task list. Once the items in that task list are complete, the milestone is deemed reached, but you can manually complete a milestone without a task list.

Paymo’s data storage comes into play on the project level. The second-last tab in the project view is the Files tab, where you can upload and categorize images, documents and other files that are relevant to the project. Any file you upload as an attachment to a task will appear here as well.

Last but certainly not least is the essential Discussion tab. This tab works like a forum, where discussions are sorted by category, though there are none by default. As with most larger text inputs in Paymo, discussion posts can be formatted using Textile. There is unfortunately no way to reference attachments or tasks in discussions yet but the discussion area isn’t weighed down by bloat, which is a problem I commonly have with forum software.

The Timer

Paymo has a browser-based timer that can be launched from within the web app or a bookmarklet, and will appear as a smaller pop-up window easily positioned to the side of whatever you’re working on. It’s a breeze to use: select a project, a task, and hit the Start button. You can optionally include notes about the time spent, which allows you to easily account for every slice of time you spent on a project.

While some time tracking applications only allow you to tie time slices to clients and projects, Paymo has task management features right there in the timer. You can add a new task to a project to start timing right there and then, and mark a task as complete as well. You can’t set up a project from within the timer but once that’s done you can manage everything in it.

Paymo offers a desktop widget for Windows and OS X that simplifies the process of time tracking. While it is great to have the ability to track time from unexpected locations, a widget is more easily accessible and is still there when the Internet goes down. All you need to do after installing the widget is throw an API key into it, which is conveniently provided on the widget download page, and log in to your account. The widget is laid out just like the online time tracker so there’s no confusion.

While I doubt you’d even notice the size of the widget on a computer with a more regularly sized computer, I’m testing this on an 11″ MacBook Air which leaves me wishing there was a thinner option. The widget takes up about a quarter of the dashboard — still manageable, but a way to choose between the default view and a compact view would be fantastic.

While the beauty of tools like Paymo is that you can use a timer to automatically log how much work you’ve done on a project, you can also manually enter time slices into the Timesheet after the fact. If you go out on an in-person call or to a meeting, it’s less practical to use a timer. Or you may have simply forgotten to hit Start but still need to get paid for the past five hours of work.

Time tracking is certainly Paymo’s strongest suit. In the past seven years I’ve searched long and hard for a great way to unobtrusively track time and I’ve always hated the solutions I’ve tested. Paymo does it for me.

Desktop App

In addition to the desktop widget for time tracking, there’s a more fully-featured desktop application available. It’s still in beta, and comes in Windows and, more recently, Mac flavors.

As beta apps, they’re early on and not fully developed, but are an interesting way to see not just how much time you’ve spent, but how you’ve spent it. The app keeps a record of how much time you spent in each app you used for the duration, and allows you to sort them by client and project later.

This is a really cool feature: if you’re tracking time for Client A, but Client B calls you on Skype midway through, you can easily bill the appropriate clients for each slice of time and you won’t lose any billable hours due to not having an accurate account of the interruption.


Paymo’s Invoicing feature set is easy-to-use and robust without the bloat. From the overview, you can view and set the statuses on invoices. These include draft, sent, viewed, paid and void. Paymo makes it easy to export invoice data as CSV so you can set up Excel spreadsheets of your monthly activity and the like.

The invoice creator is a WYSIWYG affair, and draws on your company settings to populate the invoice with some default information, before you come in and set the individual details such as the client and the hours logged in question. You don’t need to draw on your tracked time and can enter fixed figures instead (or in addition). Like most invoicing apps, you can set taxes that are automatically calculated, provide notes, and so on.

One of the great things about Paymo invoicing is the ease with which you can change the currency of an invoice without having to go and edit the client settings separately. For a freelancer or small business owner with a situation comparable to mine — accounts in a range of different countries, paid in a range of different currencies — this small detail saves time.

Most apps don’t have a feature for this, and some that do (like Freshbooks) make it the default for the client in the future instead of just that invoice, which isn’t what I want.

Adding time to an invoice is a breeze. Click on Add From Time Sheet, select a date range — there are commonly used presets, such as the previous month — and barring any need to change details, click Submit. If you’ve set up your clients, projects and company settings properly, and tracked time accurately, creating an invoice is a matter of a few seconds and a few clicks.

You can create a PDF file from that invoice or provide your client with a permalink that shows them the invoice in the browser (with the option to download it as a PDF or print it). The most common route is to use the Send button which will email it from within Paymo.

Paymo has recently introduced a beta “pay online” feature that allows clients to click a Pay Now button on the invoice page they are taken to and pay the invoice then and there through PayPal. Despite the beta label it works like a charm.

Creating recurring invoices is just as easy, and can be done from the Recurring tab of the Invoicing section, or just by ticking the Recurring button in a new invoice. These can even be sent out automatically once configured so you don’t need to worry that you’ve forgotten to invoice and will be gnawing on your fridge, which with any luck has accumulated the flavors of its former contents, for sustenance next month.

Paymo has a section for expenses, which can be easily categorized, assigned to clients, and there’s a section to upload a scan of a receipt. You can mark these as unbilled or invoiced, depending on whether you want to claim a tax deduction or just get the money back from a client.

Next time you are editing a draft invoice or creating a new invoice for that client, there will be a notification on the editor that says there are outstanding expenses. Click one button and they’ll be added to the invoice with the description and amounts filled in.

If you frequently do estimates in your line of work, there’s a feature for that. It works much like the regular invoicing tool.


Paymo’s reporting makes it easy to generate custom reports and look over your business activity for any time period, from the current day to all time, which is something I’m fond of as a stats-and-charts junkie. It’s good to be able to see at a glance where most of your money is coming from versus where most of your time is spent, enabling you to make changes that improve efficiency and earnings.

You can get a rough idea of how much income you are looking at for the current month’s unbilled hours with stats on hours worked (sorted by either project or user), and a financial statistics chart that shows dollars billed and received per month, which is handy for seeing at a glance where overdue accounts receivable are.

You can view reports in the browser, and they can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format. I have a feeling that I won’t really be able to put Paymo’s reporting to test until I’ve got more data in the system — at least a month’s worth for any sort of report I’d base a decision on — but the system seems promising.

Team Management

Let’s skip the boring stuff, except for one quick sentence: you can create users easily enough and allow them an appropriate level of access to Paymo. But what sort of team management features does Paymo provide for business owners?

Running a distributed team means that while the working environment for each member is almost always more to their taste than an office with headache-inducing fluorescent lights and no fresh air, it’s harder to keep a boots-on-the-ground eye on how things are going and whether the hours are getting done.

Once you’ve set up a user’s working days and hours and they start tracking time, you can take a look at their user page, which shows the amount of time they spent working in the past week, and has a Performance meter. Obviously time worked isn’t the only measure of performance, but if your employees have been spending fewer hours than they’ve been getting paid for, you’ll want to know — and Paymo makes that easy.

You can view the user’s timesheets to get more details about the way they’ve spent their time, and see meters for every day in your Paymo account’s history that tells you how much of each work day was tracked.

It’s possible to set up ‘non-working days’ on a user-by-user basis, so that taking leave or a sick day doesn’t impact their performance rating. Finally, you can assign projects to users directly from their profile page.


Developers who want to build apps that work with Paymo, either for internal apps or for publicly available apps, are in luck. Paymo have an API that’s freely available to all users, with documentation that appears to be up-to-date with Paymo features.


If you go out for a meeting once or twice a month, perhaps it’s easier to manually input time spent later on as I mentioned earlier. But if your business is all about making house calls and the like, or you just like to be accurate to the minute, a mobile app is the way to go.

There’s a capable, free Paymo timer available for the iPhone, but there doesn’t seem to be an official Android app yet. There is an unofficial Android app available — it’s great to see that the API is doing its job in ensuring that Paymo is as accessible as possible on a variety of platforms.


There are three Paymo plans available. The first is free, and is great for those who just want a time tracker or freelancers with just a few regular clients. It includes three invoices per month, two users, 50MB of storage, unlimited clients and projects and the time tracking features.

The Basic plan at $9.99 per month drops the limit on invoices altogether and boosts the storage limit to 5GB. It’s designed for freelancers who need to send more than three invoices a month, and young startups.

Finally, the premium plan uses a per-user pricing model at $3.99 each, and applies to businesses who need more than two users to access Paymo. It currently supports up to 40 employees. Premium also gives users 15GB of data storage.


Paymo has several well-established competitors in the freelance and small business-oriented invoicing and time-tracking arena, like Freshbooks and LessAccounting.

LessAccounting has some fantastic offerings but puts more of its focus on the money. It’s used for tracking expenses, creating and sending invoices, keeping track of accounts receivable and so on. It starts at $30 a month and has add-ons for the assistance of a real bookkeeper with packages for 6 hours of help per quarter ($70) and 7 hours of help per month ($270). The offering is solid but the pricing and the feature set mean that users looking for something like Paymo aren’t likely to find their solution here.

FreshBooks has been in the game longer, and are best known for their invoicing features. The free plan is constricted to unlimited invoices but for only three clients, and their entry-level paid plan is $19.95 and has a 25 client cap — twice as expensive as Paymo’s plan without client or invoice limitations. Their strengths lie in the ability to send an invoice via email that makes it a breeze for the client to pay online through a variety of payment gateways, including PayPal. Using this in practice doesn’t always seem to pan out with the majority of clients (at least in my experience) having specific instructions as to how invoices should be received. The interface looks better than it works — I find it a bit fiddly — and the company’s foray into time tracking and project management has generally produced poor tools.

Paymo is faced with some capable alternatives. But their strengths are clear, Paymo strikes me as the best all-rounder suite for freelancers and small businesses who need a platform for not just money management but project management.

The Bottom Line

I told you at the start: Paymo is the app I’ll be using to run my business starting next week. After searching for an app with a feature wishlist that is pretty much summarized by Paymo’s actual feature list, and an implementation that doesn’t make me hate time-tracking, I’m sold.

If you’re paying a fortune to run two apps like FreshBooks and Basecamp, chances are all the features you need are in Paymo (though if you need the extra power that Basecamp’s specialization in project management provides, you can sync your Paymo account with it).

It has got some rough edges, but I’ve seen the Paymo team’s iterative approach at work and new features are tackled quickly and tested early. Paymo checks my boxes now, but I’m confident that anything I’ll miss won’t be far behind.

With a free account plan that lets you test out the full feature set, there’s no risk in giving Paymo a try. I suggest you head on over and see for yourself.

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<b>News</b> attacks — Crooked Timber

I've received the ultimate accolade from News Corporation, graduating from snarky asides and dark mutterings in which I'm identified only indirectly to a full-length hit piece in our only national (general) newspaper, ...

<b>News</b> attacks — Crooked Timber

Great <b>news</b>: Service industry now slowing down, too « Hot Air

Great news: Service industry now slowing down, too.

Great <b>news</b>: Service industry now slowing down, too « Hot Air

Language Log » <b>News</b> Flash: BBC Admits Error

Update #2 — Google News Archive has nothing for AptiQuant, and LexisNexis yields 26 hits, all from 7/29/2011 or later. This is additional evidence that AptiQuant is a hoax, though it doesn't tell us what kind of hoax it ...

Language Log » <b>News</b> Flash: BBC Admits Error

Monday, August 1, 2011

foreclosure help

By: Trisha Ocona Francis

While tens of thousands of Americans are losing their homes to foreclosure every day and the unemployment rate still remains high, many middle-class American homeowners have asked the question, “Where is my bailout?” Well, our voices have not fallen on deaf ears.  Thousands of homeowners will finally have access to the miracle aid they have been seeking.

One-billion dollars has been awarded to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Protection Act for the Emergency Homeowner’s Loan Program (EHLP). Through this program, eligible homeowners can receive assistance with both their delinquent and future mortgage payments for up to 24 consecutive months or up to $50,000. This should give the granted homeowners enough time and financial assistance to get back on their feet and avoid losing their homes. This homeowners’ loan will be granted at 0% interest and be forgivable, which means the balance will be automatically reduced by 20% every year for five years until the balance is clear.

Some of the requirements include: [consult with an EHLP Counselor for all EHLP eligibility requirements]

  • Temporarily and involuntarily unemployed or underemployed due to the economy or a medical condition

  • At least 90 days delinquent on mortgage, with a risk of foreclosure and have received a written notice from lender stating such

  • Property must be owner’s primary residence

  • Applicant must be the deed holder

  • Property must be a single-family, multi-family up to four units, cooperative or condominium

  • Have a good history or paying the mortgage payments before income reduction.

The enrollment period ends on Friday, July 22, 2011. To be sure that homeowners are eligible, HUD requests that you take the first step by submitting a Pre-Applicant Screening Worksheet to an EHLP counseling agency.  This worksheet, along with a listing of counseling agencies in your area, can be found on the EHLP website www.ehlp.org or by calling 1.855.346.3345.  HUD may establish a random lottery program to select applicants in the event that submissions are higher than anticipated. If selected, applicants will be required to meet with an EHLP counselor to submit supporting documents. Lottery selection does not guarantee EHLP assistance. Once ultimately approved and selected, a homeowner’s contribution amount is determined by HUD, which is 31% of your currency monthly income or $150 (whichever is more) and the EHLP will pay the remainder of your monthly mortgage payment.

EHLP is available to homeowners in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. It is also offered in Puerto Rico. If EHLP is unavailable in your state or you are not eligible to qualify, visit www.findaforeclosure counselor.org to contact a counselor to discuss your options  and determine if your state has received funds through the U.S Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund Program.

I know many of us will think of this as another attempt to help American homeowners who won’t do much at all. However, remember home is the place you and your family rest their heads at night—an investment that has consumed a lot of your time and energy. It can be taken away from you for reasons beyond your control. Think of the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed, and take another shot at saving what we call home.”

*PLEASE NOTE: Both the EHLP application process and the opportunity to receive assistance from an EHLP counseling agency is FREE. Anyone who requests a fee for this kind of assistance is being deceitful.


Obama offers mortgage relief to unemployed homeowners

Two key data points in the ongoing foreclosure crisis were released this week on just one of the looming economic disasters we face: the ongoing mortgage crisis. One is new polling from CBS/NYT showing that most Americans still think home ownership is central to the American dream, but are less than confident about the wisdom of buying a home. Particularly signficant, "most also say the government should help homeowners in trouble with mortgage payments as a means of improving the market."
Overall, 45 percent would like to see government do more, but three in 10 say it's doing enough right now. Another 16 percent said the government should be doing less.

Pluralities of all partisans would prefer the government do more, though Republicans (at 31 percent) are the most likely to say government should do less.

More than half of Americans, 53 percent, say the federal government should provide help to people who are having trouble paying their mortgages, but 40 percent of Americans disagree. Most Democrats agree, while Republicans and independents are mixed.

The other data point on housing this week is a report from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which regulates national banks.

The report said that some 19.7% of mortgages held in banks’ portfolios were delinquent at the end of March. By contrast, nearly 6.8% of mortgages backed by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were nonperforming, and 11.4% of all mortgages that are serviced by banks.

Nevertheless, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are more crippled than the biggest banks because their holdings of mortgages are so large, they held little capital, and they don’t have other business lines to offset mortgage losses. Fannie and Freddie guarantee more than $5 trillion in mortgages, double the amount held by all of the nation’s banks and thrifts.

While many subprime and other risky mortgages were packaged into securities and sold off to investors, banks chose to keep certain loans or were stuck with them after securitization markets froze in 2007. Loans held on bank balance sheets “in and of themselves are reflective of lesser quality loans” than those backed by Fannie, Freddie, or federal agencies, said Bruce Krueger, a senior OCC mortgage examiner....

Overall, mortgage delinquencies have declined for five straight quarters, but the share of loans in the foreclosure process remained at its highest level since the foreclosure crisis began and was unchanged in the first quarter from the fourth quarter, according to the OCC report. Banks have been forced to revamp their foreclosure processes after improper legal filings and other document-handling issues surfaced last fall.

Here's where the stories converge. One thing that could be done pretty easily for Fannie and Freddie, that wouldn't take congressional action? Institute a right to rent, something Dean Baker has been talking about for a while. The basics: "As part of the foreclosure process, homeowners would be offered the opportunity to stay in their home, paying the market rent, as determined by an independent appraiser."

It's as good a solution as any and allows families to stay in their homes. The GSEs could get at least some income from the property without having to carry it for months and months trying to get it sold, paying for the maintenance (if they bother with it) and creating neighborhood blight with another vacant home. The good part? "President Obama could unilaterally act to require Fannie and Freddie to go this route."

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Linux gets a bit of good <b>news</b> on the Netflix front | TechRepublic

From the engineers of Netflix comes some good news for the Linux community and Jack Wallen is here to tell you about it.

Linux gets a bit of good <b>news</b> on the Netflix front | TechRepublic

It&#39;s Official: Your Birth Control Will Be Fully Covered

Here's a rare bit of excellent news: The Department of Health and Human Services has signed off on recommendations to include contraception in preventative care. In other words, kiss your co-pay goodbye.

It&#39;s Official: Your Birth Control Will Be Fully Covered

<b>News</b> flash: Talk radio invades the FM dial in Chicago | Marketing <b>...</b>

A day before WBBM-AM/780 was set to begin simulcasting its News Radio programming on sister CBS FM station WCFS-FM/105.9, Merlin Media LLC converted WKQX-FM/101.1 to Chicago's only round-the-clock FM news station on ...

<b>News</b> flash: Talk radio invades the FM dial in Chicago | Marketing <b>...</b>