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Companies Making Money

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Consumers are becoming more and more socially conscious, and want the goods and services they use to measure up. In truth, it doesn't take much. A simple action that costs a company very little or nothing at all can make a real difference in the mind of the consumer.

Often, the added expenses a company incurs from paying workers a little more, monitoring resource sourcing, or going the extra ethical mile are small downsides when compared to the huge potential upside. And where there's company upside, there's investor upside.

Waste Management (NYSE: WM  ) is just such a company. Let's dive deep into the rubbish specialist, evaluate its socially conscious policies and practices, and take a hard look at the numbers. We'll evaluate how it's performing as a business, an investment, and as a socially conscious enterprise.

Thinking outside the landfill
Waste Management probably isn't the first company that pops to mind when you think of a socially responsible enterprise. But the fact is, we humans need to throw things away, and Waste Management is undertaking a series of initiatives and campaigns that think outside the box, and the landfill, regarding exactly what "away" can mean. In addition to traditional recycling of bottles, cans, plastics, etc., the company also offers such innovations as:

  • Electronics recycling, so those old televisions and computers end up being reused rather than becoming a seagull perch in a landfill.

  • Fluorescent bulb and battery recycling, so the dangerous chemicals and components rife in both are safely disposed of.

  • Household hazardous waste disposal, so the paint from that old can of '70s-era burnt orange won't leak into our water supply.

  • Food waste pickup, so if you don't have the room or the inclination to compost, Waste Management will do it for you.

The company also offers specialized disposal and recycling for the manufacturing, health-care, food, and retail sectors. In the construction sector, Waste Management can even help companies meet their LEED certifications.

In the "sustainability" section of the company's website, there's a video with the line: "Instead of thinking about where waste can go, we think about what it can do." That's marketing, of course, but the company backs up its words with actions -- actions that help it turn a nice, tidy profit while doing some good. Now let's take a look at the numbers and see how the business and the stock are performing.

Turning trash into cash
Rubbish collection is as much of a necessity for human civilization as water, sewage, and electricity. Just conjure up images of any of the big-city garbage strikes that have made the news in past years and it will be clear why companies like Waste Management aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. By the numbers for the company:

  • Quarterly revenue grew a healthy 8.9% year over year.

  • Quarterly earnings grew a more-than-healthy 11.5% YOY.

  • The balance sheet holds $282 million in cash, along with $9.68 billion in long-term debt. That's a whole lot of debt versus not very much cash, but at least money is cheap right now, and a company like Waste Management is a cash-generating machine, so it should be able to keep up with debt payments.

Gross margin, a measure of brand strength and pricing power, is a solid 36.6% TTM for Waste Management, but peer Republic Services (NYSE: RSG  ) comes in at a significantly better 40.9% TTM. Somewhere in the very top lines, Republic Services is doing a better job of controlling costs. Waste Management, with a gross revenue of $13.16 billion TTM, verses Republic Services' revenue of $8.19 billion TTM, ought to be able to find greater efficiencies and economies of scale and therefore do better here.

Since 1987, still making money and a difference
Waste Management's share price did take a dive right around the end of July, from about $36 to $28, likely on lowered guidance on waste volume (it didn't help that the whole market tanked then), but has recovered nicely to today's price of $33. The P/E of 16 is very reasonable, better than Republic Services' 19. Casella Waste Systems (Nasdaq: CWST  ) beats both of these companies with a share price of $6.84 and a P/E of 4.66, but there's a good reason those numbers are so low: The company is currently operating in the red.

Waste Management provides a service we can't live without, has strong top and bottom lines, and even pays a dividend of 4.1%. And it's a company that's trying to do the right thing. Are any companies perfect in this regard? No, but to paraphrase Voltaire, it's important to never let the quest for the perfect drive out the good.

Waste Management's success makes a strong case that there's no inherent contradiction between making money and making a difference. Read about two more Motley Fool favorites that are healthy, wealthy, and making a difference in their own ways in this special free report: The Death of Wal-Mart: The Real Cash Kings Changing the Face of Retail. Get your copy while it's still available by clicking here.

In the debates and campaign ads leading up to the New Hampshire primary a new strain of Republican politics has suddenly surfaced -- a brand of compassionate capitalism that, were it to come from President Obama, Newt Gingrich would describe as socialism.

Gingrich has led this emergence with his blistering critique of Mitt Romney for being too good of a capitalist. There's even a movie produced by a pro-Gingrich super-PAC that powerfully tells how Romney ruined people's lives in his relentless quest for profits. Driven by the words of fired workers and a riveting anti-corporate script that could have been written by Michael Moore, Romney is blasted for shamelessly making big money by closing American businesses and eliminating thousands of jobs. I must admit, it's exciting to see what it looks like when the GOP puts capitalism on trial. In the past Romney would have been a Republican hero, a businessman who had what it takes to make tough economic decisions. But in this latest bizarre phase of GOP presidential politics, the guy is a monster.

Apparently the Republican field also hates special interest money in politics and the revolving door between government and corporate America. For weeks the candidates have hammered Gingrich for taking $1.6 million from Fannie Mae to be a "historian." He's laughably insisted that he never lobbied any of his former colleagues to earn that fee. Ron Paul and others have whaled on Rick Santorum for taking lobbying money from coal companies and insurers after he left the U.S. Senate. Imagine, a former elected official trading influence for cash!

But if Romney's critics were serious (and they're not), they'd be saying an "anything goes" approach to the free market isn't right. They would say he and all the other Wall Street sharpshooters made money at the expense of others and wronged thousands of innocent folks who believed in the American Dream.

The Republican hypocrisy is whiplash-inducing, even by the declining standards of American politics. Not that long ago Gingrich said that U.S. Senator Chris Dodd and U.S. Representative Barney Frank should go to jail for passing the landmark financial reform law that bears their names because it regulates the Romneys of Wall Street. Meanwhile the Republicans in Congress are practically employees of banks, Big Oil, insurance companies and other corporations that put profits before people.

As the candidates head into South Carolina, maybe they'll reveal what they propose to do about the outrageous free-market excesses they've discovered. Exactly how would they control the Romneys of the world--teach classes on compassion and restraint at Harvard and Wharton? How have they explained this to their corporate owners and political sponsors like the billionaire Koch Brothers? I suspect the Kochs have a lot of respect for Bain Capital, the corporate vehicle Romney used for his turbocharged pursuit of private equity profits. Bain Capital made money by snatching up companies on the cheap, stripping valuable assets and even shutting some of them down. Bain collected a ton of cash while eliminating jobs and devastating families and communities. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Since the Republican presidential candidates say they like regular people now -- even working and middle-class folks like the ones who give testimonials in the attack film against Romney -- they should tell the Republicans in Congress to extend unemployment insurance and the payroll tax reduction. And they ought to pay for it by imposing higher taxes on the super-rich, a policy overwhelmingly supported by the American people, including the millionaires who would have to pay more.

The Republicans running for president will obviously say and do anything to get elected, even if they sound like Democrats for a little while. Whatever they may say about Romney, all the Republicans are captives of big corporations that see our country as little more than a market to exploit for their private gain.

The 1 percent and the Republican politicians they own are tearing away the foundation of one of our country's greatest inventions, the middle class. Led by the Koch Brothers, right-wing extremists are working to undermine our democracy as well.

That's why the Democrats have to make the 2012 election about whose side the candidates are on. Are they for the 1% and the big corporations that want to destroy the middle class, or are they fighting for the rest of us? Are they for an America "where everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share," as the President said in Osawatomie, Kansas? Or are they for an America where the rich get richer while everyone else is left to fend for themselves in an ugly race to the bottom.

These are very different visions of our country. That's why members of Congress and the President can't give any ground on key issues like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. If everyone is in favor of cuts to these and other important programs, then the boundary between the two sides will be blurred beyond recognition, and the choice will not be clear on Election Day.

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Lots of business proprietors take too lightly the significance of needing an internet site plus consider it to get trivial investment for business. Though truth be told, hardly any business today can make a world position if it doesn't have got a web-site. Should you function a new business together with learn the reason an individual's business requires a websites, feel the good reasons offered under that will get a person's remedy.

Should a business won't have a website, people should purchase the products, together with phone the business entrepreneur mainly in the course of business several hours. An internet site provides accessibility to buyers sometimes for the period of non-office working hours. They may receive essential data and also undertake business deals with a pleasant locale without the need of definitely arriving for school. Because there is absolutely no precious time restriction, they'll call the actual business at any time. It will aid around increasing in clients along with preserving ancient varieties.

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Advertising upon Television Can perform Fantastic Points For the Goods and providers As soon as Done Appropriate.

Business Portrait by

Advertising aims at promoting the particular services and products of the corporation. It can help inside formation of your brand id as well as serves being an useful methods to talk towards earth To find out more about a lot more great services simply lookup using powerful search as well as keywords such as: smart circle international. These search phrases will produce the top results for on-line from the product or service as well as the service. By way of different promotion approaches, corporations attain an improvement within the revenue of their products and services by getting your public in the direction of these individuals. Several types of advertising and marketing strategies strive with featuring the goods characteristics along with bringing about their styles with regards to their opposition. Advertising tactics typically aim to create a merchandise stand out by means of putting light-weight with the features which make it glimpse different from the remaining. Advertising is usually executed as a result of distinct advertising in order that the advertisements attain any large attractiveness. It can be produced prior to public through several routes to make certain the merchandise or your assistance can be observed by simply everyone. Pursuing is often a outline regarding the different kinds associated with promoting tactics.

Print advertising makes use of your art print marketing such as mags along with newspaper publishers. This printing media offers alternatives including promoting as a result of brochures or maybe essays. The potency of this advert manufactured over the print out media is dependent upon the reputation of the marketing employed. The actual advertisements, which often appear in notable newspaper publishers, possess a greater prospects for getting seen. Fliers in addition to leaflets can be spread having newspaper publishers as well as dietary supplements are generally that come with classifieds. In such instances, the actual acceptance in the newspapers and the spot of the ad inside, issue the majority of.

The usage of audio-visual media will be an additional well-liked advertising and marketing method. Television, airwaves happen to be used in advertising given that long. Web advertising which includes blossomed in the somewhat recent times has acquired a huge reputation. In case of airwaves as well as tv your broadcasting occasion chooses the expense of the ad while livelier Internet website hosts internet sites that incorporate adverts. Advertisements depend on the niche reviewed with the web page along with popularity of the web page and the position in the advert on the net web site are usually determinants involving its noticeability.

Marketers make use of not only the print and the TELEVISION SET in addition to radio stations but in addition videos in order to element his or her advertisements. Covert advertising will be the train regarding not directly publicizing a program by means of films along with Shows. One example is, the actual actress inside the motion picture or maybe it show may be shown to be employing a distinct brand of clothes as well as make-up; a unique eating place or perhaps business can be picture so the corporation brand shows up in the arena. Your people watching the actual display or your flick are sure to spot the name promoted, therefore adding to your advertising in the product or service put on show.

The use of prestigious persons for your advertising of an brand name is actually one particular marketing technique whilst making use of popular individuals is usually an additional. The idea driving the application of famous people is usually that many distinguish with the celebrities and it's also holistic mindset to replicate anybody just one recognizes with. Superstars usually are generally respected so because of this confirm noteworthy throughout advertising. The application of ordinary folks tactic with promoting is based on the concept which popular people can readily find the actual world.

A number of advertising and marketing approaches employ discount approaches that will demonize the foe. Some sort of perspective is actually burdened after your masses and the ones with an opposite viewpoint are created to experience far inferior. Some promoters existing ahead of the general public a new comparison review between a couple models along with reveal your superiority of these item compared to the opponents.

A number of marketing approaches work with sarcasm to advertise a program though demoting the competitors' goods. Several advertising and marketing tactics depend on rep in which the solution or perhaps the particular services label can be what you are interested in. A search term like smart circle card should yield good results so, once you've located the proper results, you may then narrow them down to select the most accurate back links fitting your own query.emphasized and it is continuously help with the public. Many advertising tactics utilize human being therapy that you follow one thing as the others tend to be next the item. Persons within good sized quantities are generally proved to be when using the product as a result within a delicate technique persuasive the audience to start using it. Advertising approaches typically take advantage of emotional as well as touching phrases or maybe activities to be able to entice this people.

Advertising strategies usually are and will end up being efficiently used by interpersonal causes. Recognition regarding selected significant themes, cultural issues in addition to the environmental problems is usually effectively proclaimed on the community by using advertisements. The us government and also other interpersonal agencies are located employing general public support promotion. Although business oriented product or service in addition to assistance businesses need to take the particular eye away from money making pertaining to some time and also come forward to promote to get a cultural trigger.