Friday, January 14, 2011

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It has always been the case that anyone who has the benefit of Legal Aid would go running to their solicitor at the first sign of any problem. They did this on the basis that they weren't paying for any legal advice so they would have as much as possible! Sometimes however this shot them in the foot.

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Very often, funding is not a free lunch. If, (in a divorce for example) the parties are arguing over money or a house then some of the value of their house or their money may be at risk. There is an exemption which (the last time I looked) was £5000 but other than that any monies or property in dispute were at risk. In a nutshell, if the fund paid for someone to fight over the old matrimonial home then in the event that the matrimonial home was awarded to the person with the benefit of Legal Aid then the Board would want the costs they had paid, repaying from the value of the home.

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Invest in some credit repair options. This process can take some time so be prepared and start as soon as possible. For as little as about per month you can retain a credit repair agency and hire them to work on your credit profile to remove 'dings and scratches.' These blemishes are hurting your credit report but the good news is that many of them can be removed. You can do a lot of this work yourself, but often times it is better and much easier to hire a team that has experience raising credit scores. Over the course of 4-12 months they can raise your credit score by more than 200 points often times.

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Obama&#39;s Tucson Speech Fails To Accommodate Cable <b>News&#39;s</b> Attention <b>...</b>

Did you watch the memorial service in Tucson last night? It sure seemed to me to be a cavalcade of statemanship -- presidents of nations and universities and student bodies, governors new and old, political figures on the left and right ...

Apple, <b>News</b> Corp delay The Daily&#39;s debut | iLounge <b>News</b>

iLounge news discussing the Apple, News Corp delay The Daily's debut. Find more Apple news from leading independent iPod, iPhone, and iPad site.

Science <b>news</b>

Science news snippets Herpes target - UK scientists have used solution-state NMR spectroscopy for the first time to develop ...

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