Monday, July 23, 2012

Pazoo, Inc. (PZOO) - What Kind Of Money Can One Or Two Penny Stock Trades Generate You In A Month? - Penny Stock Brokers

It might sound a little crazy, nevertheless with the newly discovered popularity of penny stock investments; some typical folks have been able to pocket serious revenue on just one or two trades - purchasing stocks for pennies and selling them for serious dollars.

Yes, I'm absolutely mindful that this may seem like a lot of hogwash, but you'd be very wrong if you assume that this isn't actually occurring daily. You can find tons of companies whose stock price had dipped to basically pennies per share and in some situations fractions of a penny per share, that suddenly spiked to 2, 3 or as high as 10 to 20 times that price in just a few days.

It's still hard to believe that right?? It will only take a second to look up one of the frequent occurrences in the penny stock market - Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc.. (SNPK). When you type in that ticker into your preferred financial site, and look at a historical chart for say four months or so; you'll see that the company was riding at a pretty unremarkable $.43 or 43 cents a share approximately mid March, then leaped amazingly as high as .40 just weeks later. It does not take a lot of mathematics to determine that just 0 would have changed into almost 00 in just a matter of weeks. For this very factor people are generally able to quit their day jobs to trade 1 or 2 penny stocks a month, and pay all of their bills and have fun with life stress-free.

With just a small amount of research and a little bit of keeping your ear to the ground, you can realize good profits in penny stocks; and it doesn't take the long term investing that you frequently have to be ready for when you invest in your usual blue chip stocks. Stocks of the big guys might see a 5% increase in a week (and they'll call that a very good week), but if you've only got 0 to spend - earning in a week is not really cause to jump up and down... best you can do with that sort of gain is go to a movie... by yourself!

Similar to any investment, even penny stock investing has risks, but think of this: privided you can invest $500 in a penny stock and likely turn that small investment into thousands within weeks (and I don't mean 52 weeks) - the risk/reward ratio weighs incredibly in your benefit. Even so, you can invest in nice "safe" blue chip companies and maybe see a gain of a couple hundred bucks a year.. that's if you don't invest in top of the line blue chips like Tyco, Enron or

As a matter of fact, right now, we're paying close attention to Pazoo, Inc. (PZOO). This particular stock went from dormant to trading over 1 million shares as of last Thursday. The price was pretty consistent all day Thursday, even with the heavy trading (staying at $.10 per share), but on Friday - that started to improve a bit (with the closing price at $.135 - a 35% gain in One day). As of this writing, the stock is continuing to climb today (7/23/12) climbing to just under $.15 per share. What to take serious notice of with this company is it's fundamentals; a good team, good product mix and revenue!

None of the companies mentioned in this article have paid for promotion or investor awareness - they are mentioned for reference points only. Any investor is strongly encouraged to conduct their own due diligence before deciding to trade on Any investment. The writer is not a qualified investment advisor, broker or financial planner. The opinions herein are solely the opinion of the writer, and not an invitation, solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any of the stocks mentioned herein.

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